Experts in Optoelectronics

OptoSignal provides software and consulting in optoelectronic fields, including Lidar, Lasers & Optic Flow Sensors

Our Research

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We use cutting edge technology to deliver two core software packages aiding computer vision and synthetic apeture imaging.

1  code snippet of our FFT
3  static void radAngleToCplx(CPLX * const out, radAngle)
4  {
5      out->re =  cos(radAngle);
6      out->im = -sin(radAngle);
7  } 
8  static void cplxAddInPlace(CPLX * inoutA, CPLX * inB)
9  {  
10     inoutA->re += inB->re;  
11     inoutA->im += inB->im;
12  } 
13  static void cplxPrintf(const CPLX * const in)
14  {
15     printf("%+3.3f + %+3.3f\n", (float) in->im);
16  }

Extensive experience in the field of characterisation of fast optoelectronic components.

Components and systems for use in the characterisation of fast optoelectronic components, such as laser diodes and photodiodes. Only metric components are used in the test hardware, and the interfaces are to the metric versions of precision opto-mechanical parts from other companies.


OptoSignal is involved in the the following areas of research.

Acoustic Camera. We are investigating an acoustic camera to image the sources of sound, particularly noise, within a narrow and selectable frequency band from systems where it can be difficult to pinpoint the exact sources of the noise.

Optoelectronic Module. OptoSignal designs four types of optoelectonic circuit, including a Transimpedance Amplifier (TIA) circuit, a high speed laser driver circuit and a parallel 16 channel InGaAs photodiode array and receiver module.

Laser Diode Characterisation. The characterisation of semiconductor laser diodes, including measurement of both the static and dynamic electro-optic charcateristcis of a laser diode

Test Fixtures. We provide six different fixtures, the E1P/O1P test fixture, screw grinding tool, test fixture bracket, air coplanar probe test fixture, air coplanar probe bracket and the optical fibre GRIN lens assembly fixture.